Trina Solar

PDG5: 60-cell Duo-Max Module

Trina Solar’s PDG5, is a dual rated (UL & IEC) frameless module that does not require grounding. PDG5 comprises two layers of 2.5mm heat-strengthened glass. By replacing the plastic backsheet with heat-strengthened glass, PDG5 provides UL Fire Class A safety and reduces micro-cracking, PID, module warping, UV aging, and corrosion from sand, acid, alkali, and salt mist.

    • More reliable frameless design
      – Anti-PID and free of snail trails
      – Reduced soiling due to natural cleaning
      – Cleaner aesthetics
    • Enhanced Safety
      Fire Class A certified by UL
    • More Durable
      Robust package protects cells during mechanical loading and shocks to minimize micro-cracks
    • Reduced Costs
      – Higher voltage enables longer strings
      – Frameless modules do not require grounding
      – Dual rated UL and IEC 1000V increases inventory flexibility
  • Certified to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions
    – Module coating resistant to sand, acid, and alkali
    – 3600Pa wind load
    – 5400Pa snow load
    – 25mm hail stones @ 82Km/hr
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Warranty: 30 year, 0.5% degradation